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Beautiful Lighting

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Lighting is one of the staple part of any home or business in Wichita, KS & Surrounding areas. Different types of lighting can accentuate the interior or exterior of your property. Elite Electric Company works to provide interior, exterior, landscape, green initiative and security lighting to our clients. Learn about each and what Elite Electric Company can do for you!


Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting can come in a variety of layouts and designs. Lighting can help provide brightness for the whole room, accent, or featured lighting. Go with fixtures or fans or try recessed lighting for a barely-there appeal.

Outdoor Lighting

Make sure that your property is as functional at night as it is during the day with outdoor lighting from Elite Electric Company. Work with garage, driveway, or porch lighting to provide you with the perfect amount of light.

Landscape Lighting

Give your garden the perfect look at night time with landscape lighting from Elite Electric Company. Line walkways, illuminate tress and shrubs to create a beautiful night time dynamic.

Security Lighting

Protecting your home is always a homeowners priority. Security lighting can bring light to dark areas that might be prone for break-ins. Deter burglars from potential theft with security lighting.

Go-Green Initiative Lighting

One of the ways that you can help improve the environment is by going with the Green Initiative to replace fluorescent lighting with LED lighting. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness to the need to recycle lighting and how to properly do so—something that many people don‘t consider. If you’re interested in joining the green initiative and need replacement set-up, Elite Electric Company has you covered.

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